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So much happened in March, the aftermath feels similar to that of a disaster. Big shifts have occurred in many of our lives, so we are not alone in this challenge of picking up the pieces that matter and moving in a new direction.

In April we take time to reflect on the changes we are about to make or are already making. The planets are moving very slowly in the heavens, 4 planets will be retrograde by the end of April, including Mercury.

In this scenario two are about to retrograde, Mars the planet of action and Mercury the planet of communication and movement are coming to their station which means that they are virtually at a standstill. This becomes a vulnerable time especially if one on these planets stations on a planet in your chart.

 We too will find life slows down and things take longer to happen. With so much retrograde energy we could funnel it into energy that can reflect over the past lessons we have learnt. With these lessons figure a way to move forward towards a better, more productive and healthier path.

Many things have blown up in our face, let us down, or sidelined us. Not pleasant at all, but definitely showing up the areas that are broken. We now have the time to really look at what lies ahead and how best we can approach new challenges.

Mercury will retrograde in the earth sign of Taurus. Taurus energy is generally slow and thorough, practical to the extreme. Taurus shows us how to carefully rebuild our foundation, embrace patience and at the same time take a minute or two to enjoy the earthly gifts of our planet.

This retrograde will show us how impractical decisions don't work. It willhighlight the stubbornness in us and others and make us aware of our reluctance to change old habit patterns. Mercury retrograde will have many of us relooking at our comfort zones and replacing them with more practical solutions.

All the planets are currently in racial, political, legal and social signs causing a lot of tension. This retrograde time in a way gives us a chance to try to understand each other and re-establish our relations with others on a practical level.  

Many of us may even have a relook at the political parties we vote for. Parliaments will be doing a lot of reshuffling as too will the legal system. One can ask where our own personal reshuffling will occur, it has already started, it will continue now with even more vigour.

We may feel we are facing a few rather large and menacing mountains. It takes careful planning, understanding as well as trust in ourselves to negotiate this journey.

We cannot let ourselves get this close to the mountain and then turn back because it looks too menacing and challenging. It takes every bit of courage to face the challenge and take on this new upward path. When you get to the top, no matter how difficult the climb, you will feel the elation.

This may also be a time when we need to relook at our finances, face what is lost repairing what is not. Some personal legal matters may rear their ugly heads again, running away is not the solution, facing Goliath is.

The mountain is high and has a lot of dips and valleys, ups and downs, deal with each one as it arises. Do not give up or turn back, there will be gifts along the way to get you through to the end.

The only planet going forward is Venus the planet of our desires. Venus will tempt us to be impulsive and impatient in getting what we desire, yet everything around Venus is not behaving according to nature. This will result in frustration as what we desire may turn out to be just the opposite. The message here is avoid impulsive desires.

With April being a slow and frustrating month expect things to take longer than usual. You may even find the projects you are working on may takelonger than planned. Go with the flow as bucking it will just put things back further.